About the Owner

I am a firm believer that with hard work, focus and commitment we are capable of taking the steps to achieve the goals we set for ourselves.  With a positive attitude we can create our future and even enjoy the journey along the way.


With close to 20 years of experience in the industry I choose to maintain an Agency representing people who are both proven professionals as well as those who are looking for that one person who believes in them and will guide them to find their place in the business.


I started in the business all those years ago as the result of my young daughter being scouted by model agents and finding that many agents could not answer my specific questions as a parent.  I was like many mothers, knowing nothing of the industry and had many questions in trying to help promote and protect her.  As my business and reputation grew working in Vancouver’s talent industry and the International modeling business, I was given the opportunity to work as a business consultant for agencies in L.A.


While working in L.A., I worked with many aspiring actors and models looking for their first break…some of who are now superstars and household names.

A common denominator among those men and women was their drive and passion for the industry.  They never stopped believing in themselves.  They respected the professional guidance offered to them and took ownership of creating their destiny.


Since returning to the Vancouver area I’ve worked toward building an Agency with an impeccable reputation, offering my years of knowledge and experience in the industry to those we represent.


We’ve successfully booked our talent in feature films & tv shows along with many of the other productions shooting in B.C. and our models have worked in local and international markets in both print, film and runway.


Gail Schack